Building trust

At North Coal Limited, we recognize that trust has to be earned each and every day. That’s why we place a high priority on embedding Transparency, Accountability and Innovation into all aspects of our daily operations. We will always be open and transparent in our interactions with First Nations, government, local residents, community leaders and organizations about our activities and future plans. We will continue to look for and incorporate new, innovative features into our mine design to reduce environmental risks. We will also be accountable for the safe, responsible operation of our project .


Healthy, vibrant communities and collaborative partnerships are fundamental to the ongoing success of North Coal. We believe in investing in our communities to make a positive difference where we live and work.
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Values & principles

From the earliest stages of exploration,  we endeavour to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, maximize the value to surrounding communities and leave the land in a natural, productive state for future generations.
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