Health, Safety and Environment

North Coal aims to operate safe and healthy workplaces ensuring all employees and contractors are prepared and equipped to perform their work with limited health risk in an efficient manner.  All North Coal employees and contractors are responsible for conforming to safety requirements and for behaving in a way that will not cause harm. Employees and contractors also have the right of refusal when they feel working conditions are unsafe.  North Coal will implement and maintain effective health and safety management systems based on continual improvement so as to contribute to the well-being of employees, communities, and contractors. North Coal aims to minimize effects to the environment and ensure that exploration and mining activities are carefully managed in an environmentally responsible manner.  Our leaders are accountable and responsible for environmental stewardship and will ensure all employees and contractors are prepared and equipped to act responsibly and minimize any effects. North Coal will integrate environmental management systems with planning, designing, operating and decommissioning of operations to ensure sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, and integrated land use planning is promoted. North Coal’s guiding principles for health, safety, and the environment are:
  • No harm: All injuries and incidents are preventable by following the control hierarchy
  • No Repeats: All incidents are investigated to determine the root cause and action taken to prevent recurrence
  • Zero Tolerance: Rules and standards must be simple and non-negotiable, with zero tolerance enforcement
  • Minimize Effects: All effects can be minimized by following the control hierarchy
  • Minimize Waste and Resource Usage: Reduce, reuse, or recycle