The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the BC Environmental Assessment Office have produced guidelines for the Environmental Assessment (EA) that North Coal will follow to systematically consider how the proposed project and its operations interact with the environment. Please see the links below for more information on the project and regulatory process.

BC Environmental Assessment Office – https://projects.eao.gov.bc.ca/p/michel-creek-coking-coal/detail

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency – http://www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca/050/evaluations/proj/80110?culture=en-CA


Project Description

After initially submitting a Project Description in late 2015 North Coal decided to pause the regulatory process to allow further time to explore our license area, collect baseline data, and optimize mine design. North Coal is now ready to re-enter the Environmental Assessment (EA) process with a revised Project Description to be submitted soon.  The primary purpose of the Project Description is to provide information about the project and assist the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) in making a determination whether a “reviewable project” requires an Environmental Assessment (EA). Secondary purposes of the Project Description include:

  • Assisting EAO in establishing the scoping of indigenous consultation and public consultation requirements;
  • Communicating information about the project to the public, First Nations and government agencies and, in some cases, forming the basis of public consultation on the project;
  • Initiating thinking with respect to the valued components (VCs) to be included in the EA; and
  • Informing the development of Application Information Requirements, which specify the matters that must be studied and the information that must be included in an application for an EA certificate.  


North Coal recognises that it is planning to operate in a watershed that already has various water quality concerns as noted in the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan (EVWQP) also known as the Area Based Management Plan. North Coal is committed to integrate effective mine design, water management, rock management and passive treatment to meet targets outlined in the EVWQP. North Coal intends to work with all levels of government and other Elk Valley industries to meet the intent of the EVWQP.

North Coal is committed to the following principles for achieving acceptable water quality:

  1. Innovation: a unique combination of design features focused on controlling the source of the contaminants of concern before they can reach natural water bodies;
  2. Continuous Improvement: timely and accurate monitoring of performance of our mine design, pre-determined actions we can take if performance is not satisfactory, and staying informed about advances in technology; and 
  3. Collaboration: working with government agencies, the Ktunaxa Nation, community, and technical specialists to ensure we continue to benefit from all sources of information and understanding regarding water quality.

Please see the link below for more information on the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan and a link to download the Plan.



North Coal is committed to managing its potential effects in the Elk Valley and is joining up with Government – Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) industry and the Ktunaxa Nation in managing cumulative effects in the Elk Valley.

We understand community concerns about water quality and have introduced innovative water management features into our mine design to comply with the Elk Valley Water Quality Plan.  We also recognize the importance of taking a balanced approach to resource development. North Coal has been an active member of the Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework for 4 years and is committed to collaborating with other industry players to reduce the cumulative effects of our operations.


Future Environment Documentation 

  • Environmental Assessment
    • Project Description
    • Valued Components
    • Draft Application Requirements
    • Environmental Application
  • Mines Act Permitting
  • Regulatory Documentation